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    Custom Industrial Packaging

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    If you’ve got an unusually-shaped or fragile product that needs a specially designed custom packing container to ensure that it gets to market in the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way possible, look no further than Bling Bling Packaging. We can provide custom heavy duty cartons that will stand up to rough handling, custom foam to cushion your products in transit, and custom blister pack options that meet your unique needs.

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    Blister Pack Options

    Bling Bling Packaging offers an array of custom blister pack options to meet your industrial packaging needs. We can create thermoform trays, clamshell packages, custom packing inserts, and more. We can also provide blister cards and header cards for your products, as needed. Contact us to discuss your blister pack requirements.


    Custom Heavy Duty Cartons & Shipping Containers

    Our custom carton and shipping container solutions include:

    • All types of RSCs (Regular Slotted Containers): single wall, double wall, or tri-wall.
    • Any type of die cut to support your products.
    • All types of custom foam inserts to absorb shock during shipment and ensure safe delivery from point A to point B.

    Fulfillment & Assembly Services

    At Bling Bling Packaging, we provide complete industrial packaging solutions. As needed, we can provide:

    • Any type of hand assembly
    • Packing of delicate or complex items
    • Collating of documentation for inclusion in packages
    • All types of permanent or temporary gluing
    • Scoring of paper, cardboard or chipboard
    • Taping for package or sealing, as well as double-sided tape product assembly

    Contact us for the custom industrial packaging solution you need.


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