Rigid setup boxes, also known as rigid boxes or gift boxes, are a popular premium packaging option. These sturdy, paper-based boxes consist of thick, strong chipboard covered with printed or embellished paper. In addition to protecting your product, rigid setup boxes also add value, grabbing consumers’ attention with their high-end feel and aesthetic while marketing your brand. At Bling Bling Packaging and Display, we offer customized setup box designs and finishes to give our retail and industrial customers superior quality packaging options.

Benefits of Setup Boxes

Given their durability, attractiveness, and potential for brand advertising, there are numerous advantages to choosing a setup box for your product.

  • Superior quality. Rigid packaging offers a premium sense of quality and elegance, thus giving you an opportunity to present a strong brand presence. Customers will subconsciously relate the superior quality of your setup boxes to the product itself, increasing its perceived value.
  • Design and finish versatility. We can provide setup boxes in virtually any shape to fit and protect oddly configured products. Bling Bling Packaging also offers customization options for coatings and finishes to create your ideal look.
  • Reduced labor costs. Unlike other box packaging, setup boxes do not require assembly in order to package the product, thereby lowering your labor expenditures.
  • Environmental friendliness. Rigid setup boxes typically consist of recyclable materials, making this packaging an eco-friendly option.

Applications of Custom Rigid Setup Boxes

Custom setup boxes are applicable as:

  • Gift boxes. A beautifully designed or printed gift box can make a great initial impression on everyone from loved ones to business associates.
  • Jewelry boxes. Rigid setup boxes are also elegant, premium packaging options for rings, earrings, or necklaces, with printed designs or text for an added glamorous flair.
  • Candle boxes. To draw customers to your product over that of the competition, well-designed and attractive boxing can make a real difference while also protecting delicate candles from damage.
  • Pet product boxes. For a practical yet attractive storage option that will give pet owners confidence in using your brand for their beloved pets, Bling Bling Packaging can customize boxes to meet all of your pet product needs.

Custom Options for Setup Boxes

With six color selections available, Bling Bling Packaging can print complex graphics, logos, and text on rigid boxes of practically any shape. We can also produce customized die cut or foam inserts for added product protection. For optimum personalization, our stamping, coating, and embossing finishing capabilities enable you to create a truly unique packaging design to help your brand and product stand out in the market.

Types of Rigid Setup Boxes

There are several different setup box varieties. Among the most common are:

  • One piece. A one-piece setup box is constructed as a single piece of material.
  • Two pieces. These boxes with separate, fitted lids are designed to perfectly accommodate the size and shape of your product.
  • Book style. The structure of this creative and innovative option resembles and opens like a book.
  • Matchbox style. Also known as a drawer box, slide box, cigar-style box, book slipcase, or slipcase box, a matchbox-style box opens like a matchbox, with an interior box that slides out of an external covering.
  • Shoulder neck rigid boxes. A shoulder neck rigid box is made up of several layers, one of which is an internal, varying neck or shoulder layer that you can cover with a lid.

Coating Options

At Bling Bling Packaging, we offer the following coatings:

  • Aqueous coatings. Clear, water-based aqueous coatings dry quickly and effectively protect printed material. It is environmentally friendly and comes in satin, high-gloss, or soft-touch options. The satin finish gives a shine that falls between a matte look and a gloss finish while providing abrasion resistance.
  • UV coatings. Similarly, a UV coating is another clear, quick-drying protective layer. However, this coating dries when exposed to ultraviolet light. It helps your printed material stand out and resist wear and moisture, with a versatile appearance from matte to glossy in varying thicknesses. Covering your material with UV coatings provides superior shine and protection as compared to aqueous coatings.

Special Finishing

As for finishing treatments, our clients can select from an array of options, including:

  • Foil stamping. Foil stamping combines pressure and heat in the application of a thin layer of metallic foil sheet to a surface to quickly add a visually appealing, high-end aesthetic. At Bling Bling Packaging, we offer silver and gold foil stamping options to draw your customers’ eyes.
  • Embossing. Through the use of a press or stamp, this tactile finish produces raised text or graphics on a surface, giving your packaging a sophisticated look that is perfect for drawing attention to your brand or logo.

Custom Boxes From Bling Bling Packaging

Are you looking for premium packaging for your product? Since 1987, Bling Bling Packaging has offered customized options to fit practically any need or budget. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative packaging solutions.