How To Get the Most From Your Countertop Display

Countertop displays are promotional tools that showcase products in a visually appealing way on a counter or other flat surfaces. These displays are often located in high-traffic areas, such as the checkout area or near the entrance. Moreover, they are commonly employed in retail venues (such as grocery and convenience stores) but can be used to promote items in other settings.

With the right design, placement, and content, a countertop display can increase impulse buys and reinforce branding efforts. Proper arrangement and organization are critical when it comes to designing successful displays. A well-designed display can attract people’s attention and motivate them to purchase. In contrast, a poorly organized or cluttered display might be overwhelming and drive off potential buyers.

Here are some best practices to consider when planning and organizing countertop displays:

1. Use Clear and Concise Signage

Signage should be used to draw attention to the products being showcased. However, keeping the messaging simple and easy to understand is important. Customers should be able to quickly comprehend the product’s benefits and why they should consider purchasing it. This can be achieved through bold, contrasting colors and simple, straightforward messaging.

In addition to keeping the messaging clear and concise, it is crucial to ensure that the signage is easily readable from a distance. The use of bullet points and short phrases can also convey important information in a succinct and easily digestible way.

2. Choose the Right Products

The products for display should be relevant to the target customers and items they are likely to be interested in purchasing. For example, consider highlighting products that are in great demand. Choosing visually appealing merchandise that immediately grabs the customer’s attention also makes sense. This could include goods with vibrant colors, unusual packaging, or interesting shapes.

3. Utilize POP Racks

Point-of-purchase (POP) racks are designed to hold and organize products in a visually appealing and accessible way. They are also compact and space-efficient, making them an ideal option for utilizing limited countertop space. Moreover, POP racks are customizable and come in various sizes, shapes, and materials.

4. Incorporate Brochures and Flyers

Including brochures and flyers in the display can be a great way to provide customers with additional information about the products or services. They can also help increase brand awareness by showcasing the logo, brand messaging, and visual identity. However, it is crucial to consider the display layout to effectively place the brochures and flyers in a prominent position.

5. Pay Attention to Placement

The success of a countertop display heavily relies on its proper placement. Therefore, businesses should consider placing it in high-traffic areas near the entrance or the checkout counter. Additionally, keep in mind the store layout and the flow of customer traffic; this can help determine the best location for the display.

6. Use Interactive Touchscreens or Digital Elements

Interactive touchscreens can showcase product images, videos, and other relevant information while allowing customers to explore different features and options. They can also capture customer data and feedback, which can be utilized to improve future marketing and product development efforts. Digital elements like QR codes or social media integration can also provide customers with supplementary information and engagement opportunities.

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Maximizing Counter Cardboard Display Benefits

In the current retail landscape, attracting consumers’ attention and optimizing the influence of product displays can be crucial to increasing sales. One successful method to accomplish this is utilizing a counter cardboard display, which provides various advantages compared to conventional shelving or endcap displays.

Counter displays are adaptable and can be tailored to suit an extensive range of products, making them suitable for positioning in busy locations. These include checkout counters or point-of-purchase (POP) displays. However, understanding the distinctive benefits of counter displays is crucial to fully optimize the edge it delivers over other traditional strategies.

This article will explore the nature of a counter cardboard display and discuss its benefits to the retail industry.

What Is a Counter Cardboard Display?

A counter cardboard display is a freestanding, lightweight, customizable structure designed to showcase products and attract consumers’ attention. It is compact and can easily be moved around or placed in different locations. It also comes in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, including tray, bin, and shelf styles.

The display is printed with graphics and branding to make it more visually appealing and effective at marketing products. It also has numerous applications in retail environments, such as in cash registers, on tabletops, or in POP displays. Lastly, it can be designed to fit various products, from snacks and cosmetics to electronics and toys.

Advantages of Counter Cardboard Displays

Counter displays offer several advantages over traditional product displays, including the following:


Counter displays are a cost-effective option for retailers looking to promote their products while keeping expenses low. They are often made from inexpensive, readily available, easy-to-source materials like cardboard or paperboard.

In addition to the lower production costs, the displays are significantly less expensive to transport and store. They can also be shipped and stored easily due to their lightweight and compact design. This makes them an attractive option for retailers who need to move their displays frequently or have limited storage space.


One of the primary advantages of counter displays is their ability to be customized to fit a wide range of product sizes and shapes. They can also be personalized with branding, graphics, and messaging that align with the product and the campaign’s theme. Furthermore, retailers can experiment with various styles, including bin, shelf, or tray designs, depending on the product’s needs and promotional goals.


Many retailers nowadays prioritize sustainability, and using eco-friendly materials aligns with their values and helps reduce their environmental footprint. The materials typically used in counter displays are biodegradable and can be easily recycled, lessening the waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, the production process is less energy-intensive than other display options, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources.


Counter cardboard displays are highly portable, so retailers can quickly move them to different store locations. This often depends on customer traffic patterns and product promotions. Retailers can also place them in other high-traffic areas to capture customers’ attention and encourage impulse purchases.

Targeted Marketing

Counter displays are an effective tool for targeted marketing in retail environments. With their customizable design and prominent placement, retailers can use them to target specific customer demographics or product categories. For example, if the store wants to promote seasonal products, the retailers can easily design a themed display to feature those items or merchandise.

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Using Counter Displays To Drive Retail Sales

With more brands vying for consumer attention, retailers must explore creative ways to market their products and increase sales. One reliable and proven strategy for achieving this is using counter displays. Counter displays are advertising tools positioned at retail store checkout counters or other high-traffic zones to exhibit products.

These displays can boost product visibility, encourage impulse purchases, and enhance brand recognition when strategically placed throughout the store. They are available in various styles, including cardboard or plastic showcases, wire racks, and countertop shelves. This article will look into display placement strategies and additional tips for designing effective ones that generate sales.

Placement Strategies for Counter Displays

Strategically placing displays is crucial for ensuring their efficacy in enhancing product visibility and driving sales. The following are several placement strategies for displays that can optimize their impact:

Place Displays Near the Checkout

The checkout area has the highest foot traffic, and customers often spend a significant period in line before completing their purchase. This presents a chance for retailers to exhibit small, affordable items that customers can conveniently include in their purchases.

The displays should be eye-catching so customers can quickly locate them. They should also showcase popular, reasonably priced products and complement the everyday items purchased. For instance, a convenience store could offer small chocolate bars, gum, or mints near the checkout.

Position Displays Near the Entrance

Customers usually survey their surroundings upon entering a store, and retailers can use this to their advantage by strategically positioning displays near the entrance. These will draw customers and boost their likelihood of noticing and engaging with the featured products.

Retailers can also use seasonal or promotional displays by the entryway to create buzz and attract customers. For example, a gardening supply shop can position various seasonal plants and tools during the spring and summer.

Tailor Displays to Store Layouts

The positioning of displays may vary depending on the store layout. For stores with an open or circular structure, exhibitions at the center of the store can be beneficial in capturing customers’ attention from various directions. This is particularly applicable in areas with high foot traffic or multiple entrances.

In contrast, stores with narrow aisles can use vertical displays that occupy minimal floor space. Such displays can allow customers to move through the store with ease while also being able to view the products being advertised.

Other Tips for Designing an Effective Display

Designing a counter display requires careful consideration and planning. Here are some tips for creating an eye-catching display:

Use Clear and Appropriate Signage

Clear and concise messaging on signage is crucial; that’s why it is necessary to convey the product’s benefits and encourage them to purchase. Retailers can also utilize visually appealing graphics and colors to make the signage stand out and grab the customers’ attention.

Choose the Right Products To Highlight

Selecting products that are in demand and popular among customers is essential. Retailers can analyze their sales data to determine which products sell the most and include them in their displays. Additionally, featuring new or seasonal items can help create excitement and interest among customers.

Uses Suitable Props and Lighting

Lighting can highlight specific products and make them more visually appealing. Similarly, props can create a cohesive theme or story for the display, such as using beach balls for a summer-themed collection. That said, it is essential that the lighting and props refrain from interfering with the display’s primary focus and overwhelming customers.

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How To Create a Winning POP Display Case

A point of purchase (POP) display case is an effective promotional tool strategically placed where customers make their purchasing decisions. It is intended to boost sales, promote new products, or draw attention to special offers or promotions. Moreover, it is available in many forms, including cardboard cutouts, display stands, end caps, and product demonstrators.

An effective POP display case should be eye-catching, well-designed, and placed in high-traffic areas, such as near checkout counters or at the store entrance. It should also showcase the product attractively and appealingly to resonate with the target audience.

Here are a few pointers and tips on how to make an effective POP display case that generates sales:

1. Establish a Focal Point

Creating a focal point involves drawing the customer’s attention to a specific display area and making it easy for them to comprehend your message. It can also aid in communicating the most important aspects of your product or promotion.

You can create a focal point using various techniques, such as color, lighting, or product placement. For example, you can use vibrant hues or illumination to attract customers’ gaze. You can also position your products in a unique way that will cause the shoppers to pause and pay attention.

2. Pique Shoppers’ Interests

A successful display captures shoppers’ interest and encourages them to engage with the promoted product. Consequently, the presentation should appeal to people’s emotions and desires. For instance, you can use eye-catching visuals, unique images, or bold colors to create a sense of excitement or intrigue.

Another option is to use persuasive messaging that emphasizes the product’s benefits, unique features, or any available discounts. You can achieve this by understanding your target market and incorporating their preferences and needs into your designs.

3. Design To Stand Out

A well-designed POP display that stands out can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and driving customer engagement. Aside from using eye-catching colors and strong messages, you must ensure that the display design complements your brand’s overall marketing strategy and image. Further, your brand’s recognition and appeal to customers can be increased by maintaining a consistent visual identity and message across all materials.

4. Maintain Simplicity

Trying to strike a balance between standing out and keeping things simple is easier than you think. Simply refrain from including too many elements and focus on the most important messaging and product features. You should also make good use of white space. By leaving areas of the display blank, you can establish a feeling of proportion and avoid overwhelming the shopper with visual clutter.

5. Be As Straightforward as Possible

A confusing or unclear display can be frustrating for customers and reduce the effectiveness of the display case. Using simple and direct language is one way to be straightforward. Avoid jargon or technical terms that customers may not understand, and use simple language that is easy to comprehend. Remember that you have only a few seconds to make an impression, so ensure your message is clear and concise.

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