Custom Retail Packaging & Custom Industrial Packaging

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No matter if your products are as fragile as glass or as tough as titanium, you still need a way to package them for shipping, handling, and storage. Even the most durable products need reliable packaging that will get them from Point A to Point B safely and cost-effectively.

Bling Bling Packaging has the retail packaging and industrial packaging solutions you need. We manufacture custom packaging to match our customers’ unique specifications. No matter what your product(s) may be, we can provide the perfect custom packaging.

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Retail & Industrial Packaging Options

From blister packs to custom-cut foam pieces to custom boxes and cartons, we provide complete packaging solutions. And we do more than just manufacture your custom packaging—as needed, we can provide design assistance to help you finalize new packaging designs or to update the look of your current designs. We have structural design and graphic design teams available in-house to give you start-to-finish service and expert guidance through every step of your project.

Custom Boxes, Custom Cartons & Custom Containers

We provide custom boxes, custom cartons, and custom containers that are manufactured to meet your requirements. Specify the size, shape, and structure you need, the material(s), colors and custom printing, and any other key features, and we’ll deliver custom retail or industrial packaging you need.

Custom Blister Packs

Bling Bling Packaging provides a full line of custom blister pack options for your products. We can provide thermoformed trays, clamshell packaging, inserts, blister cards, header cards, and more. Pack-out service is also available to give you fully-packaged, ready-to-ship products.

Custom Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are an easy and effective way to protect products during shipping/transit and to display them inside a box or carton. We offer custom foam inserts and custom die cut foam that will keep your products safe and help them look great in retail displays. We can custom-cut foam inserts in any configuration to accommodate even the most unusual product shapes.

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Bling Bling Packaging provides complete, start-to-finish packaging solutions in some of the industry’s fastest turnaround times. We can manufacture, print, and have your custom packaging ready to go in two weeks or less.

Since 1997, we’ve built our reputation on high quality products, quick turnarounds, and unparalleled customer service. Contact Bling Bling Packaging for the custom retail packaging or custom industrial packaging products you need.