Custom Heavy Duty Cartons

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If you’re shipping and/or storing products, you need a reliable and inexpensive way to keep those products safe. Whether they’re fragile or not, you don’t want rough handling, bumpy road conditions, or improper stacking to damage your goods. Offering sturdy, cost-effective protection that fits your products perfectly, custom heavy duty cartons from Bling Bling Packaging are the ideal solution.

Custom Options for Shipping & Storage Cartons

Our heavy duty cartons are customizable to your unique requirements. The two biggest factors we consider when developing custom shipping/storage cartons are the total weight that each carton will carry, and whether or not they will be stacked. From there, we will produce single, double, triple, or quadruple wall cartons, with up to 350 lbs. capacity and in nearly any size you need.

As needed, we can provide die-cut corrugated inserts to stabilize your cartons and improve their crush strength, as well as die-cut custom foam inserts that absorb shock and vibration to further protect your products against damage.

Though shipping cartons and storage cartons rarely require extensive decoration, we can provide custom printing in multiple colors and with special coatings, stamping, and/or embossing.

Additional options are also available. Contact Bling Bling Packaging to discuss your custom packaging requirements.

Custom Packaging with Industry-Best Turnaround Times

We pride ourselves on our capacity to produce custom heavy duty cartons in some of the industry’s shortest lead times without compromising quality. Once your design has been finalized, we can deliver your custom heavy duty cartons in two weeks or less.

Our commitment to speed and quality extends to every area of our customer service. We provide custom quotes within 48 hours after receiving all the necessary information. We know that good communication and quick-but-accurate responses to customer inquiries helps things get done better, faster.

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At Bling Bling Packaging, we’ve made our name on quality packaging products, quick turnarounds, and unsurpassed customer service. Contact us today for custom heavy duty cartons for your products.