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Explore our portfolio of standout packaging designs—from point-of-purchase (POP) displays to corrugated cardboard mailers—to spark packaging inspiration for your next product or marketing campaign. Unique, colorful, and robust packaging offers a host of benefits, like attracting customers to your brand, increasing social media shares, protecting fragile items during shipping, and much more. Browse our portfolio for packaging design inspiration and keep reading to learn how you can leverage custom packaging to build a brand that speaks for itself.

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The Importance of Box/Display Customization for Your Brand

Whether you’re building a whimsical brand or targeting refined tastes, eye-catching packaging is crucial for any brand looking to differentiate its products. Branded custom packaging turns buying a product into a memorable experience that will increase your brand recognition. For example, over 40% of consumers say that custom packaging makes them more likely to make another purchase from a brand, and 50% of customers who receive branded packaging have recommended those products to their friends. 

What makes custom packaging so impactful? The answer is simple: It’s your customer’s first introduction to your brand. In-store shoppers give each product an average of seven seconds of attention, making packaging design a key competitive factor on a shelf full of products. If you want your box to make it into the cart, you have to give consumers a reason to give it a second glance. 

The online shopping universe may work differently than physical sales in many ways, but the same principle holds true of catching the shopper’s attention in a brief window of time as they scroll. Online shoppers get the added bonus of receiving a package that stands out from the rest of their mail, enhancing the delivery experience.


Benefits of Custom Boxes/Displays

Other key benefits of box and display customization for your brand include:

  • Increased social media shareability. According to, 68% of millennials see customers’ posts about your brand as an indicator of the product’s quality, and 40% of consumers post photos of brands with custom packaging designs. Attractive packaging leads to more organic social media shares, increasing your brand’s visibility and reputation without additional advertising expenses.
  • Protection during shipping. For sensitive products, custom boxes allow you the flexibility to choose shapes, sizes, densities, and padding options that provide maximum protection for your products.
  • Keeping customers engaged. Custom in-store POP displays offer customers a reason to stop and spend some time exploring your product, and online customers will take much longer to toss well-designed boxes in the trash. These crucial extra moments of customer engagement are the key to long-term purchasing habits, organically accelerated publicity, and much more.

Choosing the Best Packaging/Display Material for Your Business

Retail Packaging

When creating durable, vibrant packaging for your unique product, it’s important to fully consider your material options. Cardboard and chipboard are popular options for retail packaging and shipping boxes, but there are a few major differences between the two that you need to consider when deciding between them.

  • Chipboard is a rigid paperboard product made from recycled paper and hot water. The surface is smooth with pressed edges, making the material ideal for sleek consumer-facing applications such as signs, POP displays, and lightweight packaging. Since it is made of recycled paper, chipboard is a sustainable, inexpensive option that you can easily scale as your distribution grows.
  • Cardboard is another environmentally friendly, lightweight, scalable, and rigid packaging option. Most cardboard in packaging and shipping is corrugated, containing an inner layer of card material to add extra strength and reinforcement. While it is often more expensive than chipboard, cardboard is still a relatively affordable option for strong, durable packaging. It is more amenable to stacking and folding than chipboard material and supports much more product weight.

If your product’s needs don’t align perfectly with chipboard or corrugated cardboard, enlist an expert to help you identify an ideal material for your needs. Bling Bling Packaging will show you how to design packaging that meets your needs at the lowest possible price point and help you decide which material to choose.


POP Displays 

Point-of-purchase displays come in several different materials to meet a variety of structural needs. Consider whether your display will be temporary or permanent, how much weight it will need to hold, and what portion of your budget you’re willing to invest in materials rather than design or distribution. Some common choices for POP displays include:

  • Acrylic. Ideal for temporary displays looking to make a dynamic statement, acrylic—also known as plexiglass—features durability and low weight. While many brands choose to add color to their acrylic displays, its original clear and translucent form is often well-suited for luxe brands. 
  • Chipboard. Chipboard offers a shiny, sturdy surface that can hold a considerable amount of weight depending on the thickness you select for your display. With so many varieties and finishes available to choose from, a chipboard-based POP display can bring any packaging inspiration to life. 
  • Corrugated cardboard. If you’re looking to print complex designs, hold lightweight products, or create a durable display on a tight budget, corrugated cardboard offers a sturdy solution with a relatively long lifespan. Additionally, many manufacturers create corrugated cardboard with recycled paper, making it a great solution for eco-friendly brands.
  • Wood. Although wood is more expensive than the previous options, it is a warm, inviting material that will last for years. Choose wood for permanent displays that make your product feel welcoming, high-end, refined or rustic, earthy, and sustainable. 
  • Metal. Much like wood, metal is a more expensive option, but also an excellent material for permanent displays. Metal POP displays, including wire racks, can take on a variety of colors and textures with the help of paint, powder coating, polishing, and other custom finishes.

Types of Packaging and Display Options from Bling Bling Packaging

Here at Bling Bling Packaging & Display, we bring your packaging inspiration to life with a variety of custom packaging options.

  • Custom Retail Packaging. Our custom retail packaging solutions will make your products stand out on the shelf, whether you’re looking for chipboard, corrugated cardboard, or turned edge and set up boxes. We also offer more specialized custom packaging boxes for retail, including blister packaging and subscription box packaging.
  • Protective Packaging Solutions for Shipping. For businesses prioritizing an online presence over in-store sales, our protective packaging solutions for shipping provide an added layer of safety to your shipping process and help your brand shine from the moment your customer picks up the box. We incorporate several forms of protection into your packaging—such as custom heavy-duty boxes and corrugated or foam box inserts—to ensure safe delivery. Regardless of which packaging design inspiration strikes you, our products offer best-in-class protection without compromising on style. 
  • POP displays. We also take great pride in our POP displays, which are available in a broad range of materials and sizes. Whether you’re looking for cardboard, chipboard, metal, wood, or acrylic, our in-house design team will provide a no-cost prototype within 48 hours.

Contact Us for Your Custom Packaging & Display Needs

Deciding how to design packaging and marketing materials that will best suit your brand can be a difficult feat, whether you’re creating sturdy custom packaging boxes or developing an eye-catching POP display. Our team of custom packaging manufacturers, designers, and experts will help you through every step of the process. We’re happy to travel and excel at developing innovative manufacturing processes to meet unique requirements. 

If you’re ready to get started with our fully custom packaging and POP display solutions that are always Made in the USA, please contact us or request a quote today.