Retail Packaging Food Boxes
Significant planning goes into packaging foods in a manner that will keep them safe for human consumption and make it possible to transport them over long distances to distributors, retailers, and consumers without damage. Good food packaging is essential not only from a safety or product retention perspective, however. Companies can leverage packaging as a marketing tool to attract new customers and introduce them to a brand. A myriad of different products are competing for customers’ attention in the market, and food packaging design is sometimes the difference between robust sales and customers passing by your product.

Bling Bling Packaging and Display understands the importance of custom food packaging and brand awareness, which is why we create every design in-house and with customized care. Our team will work with you to help bring your vision of what your packaging should look like into reality. We also offer rapid turn times and high warehouse-to-store efficiency to best serve you.

Food Packaging Box Options

Different box options are necessary for varying food products, and Bling Bling Packaging can provide precisely what you need to ship your products with confidence. Options for custom food boxes include:

  • Corrugated cardboard. The fluting within the top and bottom liner boards of this environmentally friendly cardboard lends it weight-supporting strength. With printing options for as many as 6 vibrant colors, lightweight corrugated boxes offer superior customization options with custom die cuts available for “b” or “e” flutes.
  • Chipboard. This rigid paperboard comes in thicknesses of 10pt to 24pt. Our team can inline print up to six different colors on these economical boxes. We have the capability to print on solid bleached sulfate (SBS) or clay-coated news back (CCNB) and, if desired, in-house foil stamping and embossing options are available.

Custom Polycoated Chipboard Boxes for Food Packaging

Chipboard begins as a slurry of recycled paper and hot water that is ultimately pressed into standard thicknesses with a smooth surface finish and pressed box edges. Chipboard boxes are:

  • Rigid, yet lightweight and flexible. Despite its minimal weight, rigid chipboard holds up well for safeguarding box contents. That said, it is still quite easy to bend, shape, and cut for greater versatility.
  • Eye-catching. Chipboard tends to be more aesthetically pleasing than corrugated cardboard, with a number of coating or finishing capabilities.
  • Effective protection. These boxes offer excellent protection for delicate foods like pasta, crackers, chips, cookies, cereals, and more.
  • Affordable. They are generally more cost-efficient than standard corrugated cardboard to manufacture and ship.
  • Sustainable. As chipboard is composed of recycled material, it is an eco-friendly option.

Food Packaging Box Design

Bling Bling Packaging offers numerous options for customers packaging food items. Our design capabilities include:

  • Structural and graphic design. Commoditized packaging may cause consumers to infer from the generic, potentially ill-fitting boxes that the product is of low quality. Instead, you can impress customers using structural packaging with customized configurations and graphic design. This type of packaging lends style and more credibility to your product while maintaining the needed structural integrity. At Bling Bling Packaging, we can also work with you to pinpoint areas for reducing production costs.
  • Prototyping. Prototypes allow you to view how packaging will look for making informed decisions about which design options to select for size, material, and packaging style. Bling Bling Packaging can typically generate a prototype in less than 48 hours, often on the same day.
  • Embossing. Embossing is the process of creating raised text or images on a material. It adds a touch of additional sophistication to packaging. Embossing can add a sense of value to the product, and our team can create customized dies to emboss your logo and more on food packaging for a tactile finish.
  • Foil stamping. Foil stamping involves enhancing certain features on packaging, such as a brand’s logo, to make them stand out and draw customers’ attention. Utilizing a die, Bling Bling Packaging can apply a thin layer of colored foil to your boxes in a variety of colors for a truly customized look.

Custom Food Box Packaging Solutions

Food packaging should be strong enough so that your product arrives at its end destination undamaged, but stylistic enough to generate memorable brand recognition. Bling Bling Packaging provides custom food packaging solutions that prioritize aesthetics, form, and function. Our packaging options include chipboard, corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, and clear acetate, with printing in six dynamic colors of your choosing.

The customization options are nearly limitless with our onsite design and die shop teams. For more information on our custom design capabilities for food packaging, contact us today.