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    Turned Edge Cartons

    Custom Turned Edge Boxes


    Set Up Boxes & Turned Up Boxes

    Bling Bling Packaging offers custom turned edge boxes and set up boxes to meet your unique packaging requirements.

    Custom Set Up Boxes

    Our setup boxes are high quality, Made in the USA packaging solutions that are ideal for more budget-minded product lines and projects. Set up boxes are available in 40pt to 100pt stock, can be lined with ether foam or velvet, and can be laminated in all colors.

    Custom Turned Up Boxes

    Turned up boxes are our higher-end option for custom turned edge boxes. They are manufactured from heavier, more durable materials, starting at 98pt stock. This packaging is as good as it gets, with a heavy duty, high quality feel, and options for magnetic closures, textured material printing, and more!

    Contact Bling Bling Packaging for the custom turned edge boxes you need. We will work with you to create the perfect packaging for your products.

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