Custom Retail Floor Displays
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Freestanding floor displays are one of the most popular retail display methods. They offer a versatile and portable option to display your wares where they will have the greatest impact. By incorporating eye-catching designs and materials into custom displays, you can ensure quality merchandising that will maximize customer engagement. Bling Bling Packaging creates visually striking custom cardboard, wood, and metal floor displays for a wide range of product shapes and sizes.


Choosing the Best Floor Display For Your Needs

Bling Bling Packaging is a leading provider of quality custom floor displays for our customers in a variety of retail settings. With an assortment of colors, materials, designs, and features, we can customize your floor display to enhance visibility and encourage customer engagement.


Zevia Hero Permanent Floor Display

The Importance of Custom Floor Displays for Your Store

Floor displays offer a direct line of communication between your brand and the customer. Situated at floor level, away from the uniform shelves and racks, floor displays draw the eye and invite interaction. They are an excellent way to bring attention to a particular product and establish your brand in the mind of the customer. In addition, Bling Bling custom floor displays offer the following benefits

  • Strength & Durability
  • Perfect Fit for Location and Product
  • Flexible Design
  • Easier Shipping
  • Ready-to-Assemble


Floor Display Types

Bling Bling ‘s custom floor displays are available in a variety of designs, including: 

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Custom Retail Floor Displays
  • Pallet Displays. A durable display design that consists of a pallet and corrugated floor displays that can double for shipping and display.
  • Floor Bin Displays. Crafted from a variety of materials, floor bins are open displays ideal for loose, small, or awkwardly shaped products.
  • Endcap Displays. Designed to display products at the end of shelf rows, endcaps are more readily available to customers than products in the aisle.
  • Standee Displays. Highly visible standee displays are designed to stand alone so that they can be placed in the most advantageous position to catch the customer’s eye.


Material Options

Bling Bling is pleased to offer displays in a wide range of materials to meet your design and budgetary needs: 

  • Corrugated CardboardCost-effective and versatile, our custom corrugated cardboard floor displays come in a variety of freestanding designs for optimal effect.
  • WoodFor a charming vintage or handmade appearance, choose our custom wood designs to create a unique eye-catching look.
  • MetalAvailable in sheet metal and rigid wire, our durable custom metal displays can be powder coated or printed to display your logo or design.
  • Acrylic. Our custom acrylic displays come with a host of visually appealing options, including edge lighting and custom engraving.
  • Other Materials. We are also capable of creating singular display designs from foam core, plastic, PVC, and various other materials.

Don’t see the material you are looking for? Reach out to our experts to find out about our other material options. 

Bling Bling Packaging Custom Floor Display Capabilities

Our custom floor display services allow us to create cost-effective, visually stunning displays tailored to the needs of your operation. We work closely with you to determine the service life, size, weight, and capacity of your display. The resultant permanent or temporary display will be designed to your specifications to provide optimal product visibility with exceptional durability.

Each Bling Bling Packaging custom floor display includes:

  • External shipping package for shipping the display to its retail location
  • Collapsible base with minimal assembly
  • A wrapped tray of ready-to-load product
  • An attention-grabbing header that caps the entire display for a flawless finish

Design Assistance

In addition to our custom manufacturing capabilities, we offer professional design assistance from our in-house graphic and structural design teams. Our experts will help you optimize the look, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of your custom floor display.


We don’t just design and manufacture your display, we ensure that you have everything you need for an easy assembly, complete with collated documentation, thorough packaging, gluing, paper scoring, taping, stapling, punching, and drilling. We will also ship straight to the end-user via FedEx or UPS.

Industry-Best Turnaround Times

We pride ourselves on providing the fastest turnaround in the industry. Our custom quotes are turned around within 48 hours of receipt of all necessary information, and your finished display will be completed within 2 weeks of design and artwork approval.

Contact Our Experts for Custom Retail Floor Display Solutions

Bling Bling Packaging understands that every company has different priorities and goals when it comes to retail display. It is our goal to produce striking floor displays that meet your design needs and your budgetary requirements. From simple single-color direct print displays to complex four-color, UV-coated setups, we have everything you need for the perfect retail presentation. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.

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