Custom Fabricated Displays

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There may be plenty of options available for stock, standard, or off-the-shelf displays, but none of them can match the versatility, flexibility, and looks of a custom fabricated display. Bling Bling Packaging provides complete,ready-to-use fabricated displays that are custom-designed and -manufactured to your specifications.

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Why Choose Custom Fabricated Displays?

A custom-made display offers a number of advantages over “stock” or off-the-shelf display options. Bling Bling Packaging’s custom fabricated displays are made to meet your requirements, and offer benefits like:

  • Strength & Durability: With our custom displays, you can specify the materials you need to create a sturdy, dependable display for your products that is durable enough for years of use. We can provide metal displays, acrylic displays , corrugated cardboard displays, wood displays , and more, including any combination of these materials you may need.
  • Perfect Fit: Many products are packed in “master quantities” or “master packs”—your custom fabricated display can be built to fit the master packs you work with perfectly, allowing you to maximize your display space. Additionally, retailers often provide only limited square footage for displays; we can provide custom solutions that fit the small footprints retailers require without sacrificing overall display space.
  • Flexibility: Your custom display can include adjustable shelves that let you showcase products of different sizes or that are sold in different quantities. This feature also enables you to display different products in different markets, geographical regions, or seasons without having to build completely new displays for each occasion.
  • Easier Shipping: Off-the-shelf displays are rarely built with shipping requirements in mind. Our custom fabricated displays are always designed and manufactured for easy, and less costly, shipping. They breakdown/knockdown into smaller and more convenient packages, arrive ready to assemble with all the required hardware, and are easy to assemble.

The Right Custom Display for Your Needs

Whatever your products may be, no matter how you want to present them to consumers, Bling Bling Packaging can provide the right custom display for the job. Follow the links below for more information on our fabricated display options, or contact us to discuss your project.

  • Custom Metal Displays: Ideal for larger or heavier products, we manufacture our custom metal displays from formed sheet metal, rigid wire, or a combination of the two. Our custom powder-coating and printing capabilities make it easy to your logos, text, or other designs.
  • Custom Acrylic Displays: Our custom acrylic displays are a great way to give your products a one-of-a-kind, high-end look in retail settings. With optional edge lighting, custom engraving, and other special features, we can provide the unique visual style you want for your products.
  • Custom Wood Displays: If you need a classic, vintage, or handmade look, our custom wood displays are the perfect solution. Wood is a highly versatile material, and our customizable options make it easy to create a truly unique look that will
    help your products stand out at retail.
  • Custom Corrugated Displays: An easy and economical display solution, our custom corrugated displays are available in countertop or freestanding configurations to showcase your goods in the best way possible. Completely customizable, right down to the burst strength of the corrugated materials.

Your custom fabricated displays can include any combination of the above materials that you may need.

Design Assistance

Bling Bling Packaging’s expert structural design and graphic design teams are available to help you make the most of your custom display. We will offer guidance, as needed, to optimize your designs for lower cost and/or better manufacturability. Building a display that simply holds a product is easy—we go the extra mile to understand how you want to merchandize your products and how you need to display them for maximum impact.

With our custom manufacturing capabilities, there is essentially no limit to what we can provide for your custom fabricated displays. If you can dream it up, we can deliver it.

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We provide premium quality custom fabricated displays, industry-leading turnaround times (as little as two weeks or less!), and exceptional customer service throughout the life of your project. Bling Bling Packaging is the only name you need to know for custom displays. Contact us today to discuss your custom display requirements.