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If you really want your product to stand out in a retail space, custom acrylic displays are the best option on the market. Custom-formed acrylic delivers a high-end look like nothing else. Bling Bling Packaging can deliver custom acrylic displays that fit your product perfectly and provide the one-of-a-kind look you need for maximum impact.

We can produce all-acrylic displays, or displays that combine acrylic shelving or accent pieces with a metal or cardboard base structure. Whatever your products need, we are the experts who can turn your retail display designs into the real thing. Contact Bling Bling Packaging for custom acrylic displays for your products.

The Custom Acrylic Display Experts

The key benefit of acrylic product displays is their striking look. There is simply nothing that looks better! With our production capabilities, we can add other eye-catching features—like edge lighting, custom engraving, and more—to produce the unique visual style you’re looking for. Bling Bling Packaging will work with you from the design stages through final delivery of your custom acrylic displays.


Design Optimization

Our expert team will help you optimize the design of your display to reduce costs and to improve manufacturability. The design is ultimately dependent upon what product or products, and how many of each, you need to display. Almost anyone can produce a display that will hold your products; Bling Bling Packaging works closely with you to understand how you want to merchandize your product(s) and how you need to display them for the best results.

Acrylic materials are most commonly used for countertop displays or other small displays, though we can provide acrylic displays in larger sizes. We’ll work with you to determine what material is best for your displays based on size requirements and other factors.

Colors, Etching & Lighting

Most customers prefer clear acrylic for their product displays; select colors are available upon request. Clear acrylic is the only effective option for see-through displays, and, by letting lighting shine through, it lets your products “pop” at retail, giving you an edge on your competition. They also make store shelves appear less cluttered, making your products more appealing to retailers.

While acrylic can be printed on, it is usually easier and less expensive to use decals or stickers to add logos, lettering, or other designs. Another, often-better option is custom etching. We can add almost any custom design you need via precision etching. Etched designs provide an elegant look and catch light very well, giving your logo or branding a unique “glow” that can’t be achieved through other means.

Bling Bling Packaging can provide custom edge lighting in an array of colors to give your acrylic displays that little something extra. The combination of colorful lighting and clear or colored acrylic create a truly one-of-a-kind display that will make any product stand out.

Hand-Formed & Finished

All of our custom acrylic displays are hand-formed and finished. With the right skills and equipment, acrylic is a fairly easy material to work with. Our experienced craftsmen will work directly from your designs to create the perfect custom display for your needs. Using flame polishing, our craftsmen can produce incredibly smooth, glass-like edges.

Fully Assembled & Ready to Use

Your custom acrylic displays will be shipped fully assembled and ready to use. Because screws or other mechanical fasteners would detract from the look of the material and your design, Bling Bling Packaging uses special adhesives to assemble acrylic displays. There’s far more to this process than just slapping some glue on two pieces and clamping them together—there truly is an art to it, and our craftsmen are some of the best in the business.

We are experts at packing and shipping displays of all shapes and sizes. We will package your custom acrylic displays with ample padding and protection to ensure that they arrive at their final destination in perfect condition.

Custom Acrylic Displays in Industry-Best Turnarounds

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver custom acrylic displays in industry-leading turnaround times, with no sacrifice in quality. Once we’ve received final approval of your art and design, your acrylic displays can be manufactured in two weeks or less.

That combination of speed and quality is essential to all areas of our customer service. We return custom quotes within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary information for your project. We guarantee that you’ll never find yourself waiting on us; we know that good communication with our customers and timely answers to their inquiries helps projects get done faster and get done better.

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Customers all over the world count on Bling Bling Packaging for superior quality products, quick turnarounds, and unbeatable customer service. Contact us today for custom acrylic displays for your products.