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    Point of Purchase Displays

    Point of purchase displays, a.k.a. POP displays, are a great means of additional Contact Us Buttonmerchandising. Take advantage of what maybe your last chance to convert a browser to a buyer with a custom designed point of purchase display from Bling Bling Packaging.

    What are POP displays? Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are an innovative form of advertisement that involves placing special product displays in strategic positions within a retail store. These are a proven, time-tested means of selling more products via impulse buys during, at, or near checkout.

    Custom POP packaging can bolster your brand recognition, support new product releases, or provide “in store” support for specific advertising campaigns. Learn how POP displays can help boost your product sales.

    Custom POP Displays from Bling Bling Packaging

    All our POP displays are designed to be “retail friendly,” and are very easy to assemble for display of your product. POP displays may be fabricated from vibrant cardboard, acrylicmetal, or wood and will feature a company’s branding.

    There is NOTHING we can’t build—if you can dream it, we can do it! Our POP packaging services include:

    • In-house design team
    • Prototypes provided at no charge, with 48 hour turnaround
    • Permanent metal, foam core, plastic, or wood displays
    • Motion displays
    • Edge-Lite low energy light boxes
    • and more

    Contact Bling Bling Packaging to discuss custom point of purchase displays for your products.


    Temporary POP Displays

    Temporary point of purchase displays are an affordable option for specific advertising campaign promotions or new product line releases. Maximize appearance at the lowest price per piece. These POP displays are usually made with a corrugated backing material and are label laminated or direct printed, which hides the corrugation for maximum eye appeal. Designed for a one- to three-month life cycle.

    Permanent Point Of Purchase Displays (POP Displays)

    With custom permanent POP displays, the process is essentially the same: we still meet with you to gather all the details of your specific project, and the same quick turnaround time applies for quotes, prototyping, and production. However, the resulting product is a more impressive, sturdier, and higher quality point of purchase display, with a per-piece price that generally ranges between $25 and $150 each. As always, our design expertise and experience ensure that you receive easy to assemble, easy to merchandise POP packaging. This is the ultimate way to merchandise your product.


    We’re Old Fashioned and

    New Fangled at the same time!

    By Old Fashioned we mean that we want to meet you one on one and we will travel to do so. We want to get to know you and answer your questions directly, get your exact job specifications so that we can quote, design, print and deliver your job right the first time, every time. We’d love to have the chance to show you how much quality and customer service mean to us.


    Countertop Point Of Purchase Displays 

    This may be your last, best chance to make a sale! Countertop POP displays are designed to fit the most product in the smallest possible space. We’ll help you design a countertop display that will generate the most bang for your buck. Our creative approach and extensive experience can turn simple chipboard or corrugated base materials into countertop point of purchase displays that make the sale!

    Contact Bling Bling Packaging today for the custom POP packaging you need.

    Pallet Display of Wine Boxes

    Pallet Displays

    Most often seen in discount club stores, our pallet displays are completely self-contained and easy to set up—just remove the protective sleeve, and it’s ready to go! Floor space in club stores is often limited to 40” wide x 48” deep x 48” high; our pallet POP displays will help you maximize your allotted space and differentiate your product from the rest.

    Bling Bling Packaging can produce the entire unit: assemble products together to create a themed gift or holiday gift item, produce all the packaging materials, pack the entire lot together, sleeve it and ship it. Once the pallet display is delivered to the warehouse store floor, simply unwrap it and you’re ready to merchandise.


    Floor Displays

    Floor displays are some of the largest physical displays Bling Bling Packaging makes, and we’ve got you covered for the entire product cycle. First comes marketability: our years of custom display design, production, and delivery experience guarantee exceptional marketability. Second, our experience allows us to deliver easy to set up, retail-friendly POP displays. Finally, we provide the external “shipper” package that contains the entire display: the “no assembly required” base, the wrapped tray of product ready to charge the tray, and an eye-catching header that caps the entire floor display and gives it that seamless, finished touch. Once your floor display is capped, you’re up and running, ready to merchandise your products in today’s competitive market place.

    We are prepared for any budget-driven marketing decisions with a wide variety of options, from affordable one-color direct print floor displays to full four-color printing with UV coating and many more options in between



    We can accommodate your needs for hand assembly; the packing of delicate or complex items; collating of documentation for inclusion in packages; all types of gluing, permanent or temporary; scoring of paper, cardboard or chipboard; taping, whether for package sealing or double-sided tape product assembly; all types of stapling, hand and automated; and punching and drilling; all performed by our local, highly-skilled workers with exceptional quality control. We can handle distribution directly to end users/consumers, if necessary, using FedEx or UPS.

    Cut Out Displays

    90% of custom displays use die cuts that require tooling. For this reason, we have complete, in-house die making capabilities that enable us to deliver your custom POP displays in the shortest amount of time.

    Blister Packs

    Bling Bling Packaging can create thermoform trays, clamshell packages, and custom packing inserts for your packaging project, as needed. This includes blister cards and header cards.

    Contact us today to discuss your custom point of purchase display needs.

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