Die Cutting Custom Packaging

As it relates to packaging, the die cutting process uses a die press and customized tooling, or dies, to cut materials like cardboard into a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. The capacity to mass-produce unique packaging is where the die cutting technique adds real value. Die cut packaging also makes personalization easier and more cost-effective.

At Bling Bling Packaging and Display, we offer an array of packaging and finishing options to fit your specific needs and budget. With in-house customization and design services, our experts can assist you in finding the right box, carton, or container for your application to protect your product and market your brand.

Advantages of Die Cut Packaging

Utilizing die cut packaging for your products offers many advantages to a business, including:

  • Customization. The versatility of a die press enables greater customization options in die cut box size and shape. These boxes allow for additional customization through printing so that you can personalize your packaging materials for your specific brand and purpose. With a variety of colors, it is easy to create boxes with a highly appealing appearance.
  • Effective content protection. Die cut boxes can achieve superior effectiveness for package protection. The robust walls of the die cut cardboard material give maximum protection for the goods within and prevent them from being damaged by bumps and vibration in transport or storage. Also, as the boxes are specifically sized to your product, there is less room for goods to move around inside the packaging, providing additional stability.
  • Brand marketing. Die cut boxes can serve a secondary role as an advertising tool for your company while also protecting your product. Bling Bling’s customization capabilities allow you to personalize these boxes with your logo, slogan, and other design elements that signify your brand and promote brand awareness amongst consumers.
  • Low shipping costs. Regular slotted container (RSC) boxes are less expensive, but they typically necessitate the purchase of extra packaging materials like foam inserts and tape. While die cutting boxes are more expensive, they can provide a closer and padded fit for your product, enabling you to use smaller boxes and decrease costs.
  • Customer unboxing experience. Die cut boxes are an optimal choice if you want opening your boxes to be more of an experience for your consumers when they unwrap the product for the first time. This is even more beneficial if your customers are likely to unbox your product on social media; you want to give them attractive boxes for their videos.


Custom Die Cut Packaging Finishes

Bling Bling’s die cut packaging comes in a variety of finish options. They include:

  • Embossing. Embossing is a printing process that results in raised images, logos, or text on a package’s surface. It produces a beautiful and professional tactile finish that appeals to consumers. We have the capability to custom-design dies for greater versatility.
  • UV printing. This printing method uses ultraviolet light to cure wet ink, helping it set on packaging surfaces to reduce the risk of spreading or seepage. This process produces bright, vivid text or images to complement your die cut box.
  • Aqueous (AQ) finish. Manufacturers apply this specialty coating to a surface after the ink to give your packaging a glossy, smooth finish. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it does have functional properties, safeguarding coated surfaces from abrasion, smudging, and liquid or dirt contaminants for added durability.
  • Satin finish. Another specialty coating at Bling Bling Packaging, satin finishes achieve a look that’s between matte and high gloss while still creating smooth surfaces with a shine. This finish enables quality printing results and excellent readability.
  • Foil stamping/hot stamping. Foil stamping is a customizable finishing treatment that applies foil to surfaces in a predetermined shape utilizing high heat and a die. Bling Bling Packaging offers foil stamping in traditional gold and silver, with a range of other colors as well to make your logo or other design element pop.

Create Premium Packaging With Bling Bling Packaging

Die cutting allows for exceptional efficiency and versatility in the creation of custom packaging. The approach ensures design accuracy while also allowing for high-volume production. Bling Bling Packaging can assist you with designing, fabricating, and assembling unique and reliable die cutting custom package materials for your product shipments.

We pride ourselves on our fast turn times and our commitment to innovation and superior customer service. Contact us or request a quote today to learn more about our die cutting solutions and how our team can support your business.