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Moving from Point A to Point B or simply sitting in a warehouse should be foolproof propositions, but the unfortunate truth is that shipping and storage are among the most common ways that products get damaged. To ensure the safety of your products in any situation, Bling Bling Packaging offers custom protective foam that is tailor-made to your specifications.

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Custom Protective Foam Options

We will work closely with you to develop the perfect protection foam for your products. We can convert almost all types of foam (polyethylene, polyurethane, cross-link, EPS, etc.), and can help you select the material that will best protect your merchandise from impact, vibration, and other hazards.

With our in-house tool and die making capabilities, we can produce custom protection foam in any shape, size, or configuration. No matter how unwieldy or unusually shaped your products may be, we can deliver protective foam that will fit perfectly. We can produce foam packaging with multiple cutouts, foam end caps, and multi-part foam inserts that fully surround your products and fit snugly inside your shipping boxes.

There are essentially no limits to the custom protection foam we can manufacture. Whatever you need, we can deliver!

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Bling Bling Packaging has the skills, experience, and expertise to manufacture the perfect custom protection foam for your product, in turnaround times that fit your schedule and at prices that fit your budget. Contact us for the custom protective foam you need.